Tutum Health partnership supports nationwide rollout of NHS Deep Cleaning and Advisory Service

Tutum Health partnership supports nationwide rollout of NHS Deep Cleaning and Advisory Service

The NHS Deep Cleaning and Advisory Service has joined forces with its exclusive infrastructure partner, Tutum Health, as part of its mission to extend the NHS protocol for cleaning to organisations across the UK and help stop the spread of infection.

Delivered by NTH Solutions with the support of Tutum Health, the NHS Deep Cleaning and Advisory Service was established in 2020 to support organisations’ infection prevention measures by extending the NHS standard of cleanliness to the wider community. NTH Solutions is an NHS wholly owned company and subsidiary of North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust.

By joining forces with Tutum Health, a provider of infrastructure and sanitation solutions to the health sector, the partnership will help extend the NHS ethos and values to organisations in a variety of industries across the UK.

With an experienced client engagement team, Tutum Health’s investment in the service will help enhance the outreach of the Service, with the team already building relationships with many schools, care homes and local authorities across England. These organisations, which include the Sue Ryder hospices, Birmingham Environmental Health and Buckinghamshire CCG, have then worked with the decontamination team based at North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust to receive deep cleaning and bio decontamination, RSPH accredited training on ‘Cleaning the NHS way’ and audits, all of which are delivered in line with the NHS standard of cleanliness.

The partnership also sees Tutum Health providing a unique, hospital-made disinfectant to be used during the Service’s bio decontamination process. The solution, a Hypochlorous fluid (HOCl) manufactured at the University Hospital of Hartlepool, is proven to kill 99.9999% of tested pathogens and is made from 100% organic ingredients, with no chemical stabilisers, which makes it an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional cleaning products without impacting efficacy.

What’s more, as the NHS Deep Cleaning and Advisory Service is delivered by NTH Solutions, an NHS wholly owned company, the income generated by the Service enables reinvestment back into NHS Trusts to enhance frontline patient care.

Tony Wilson, Head of Strategic Partnerships at NTH Solutions, said:

“NTH Solutions is pleased to be working with Tutum Health as our key infrastructure partner, as they adopt our company’s values and NHS ethos and help support organisations UK-wide with their infection prevention procedures.

“With the Covid-19 pandemic highlighting the importance of infection control within the workplace, the demand for reputable deep cleaning services has increased significantly and therefore strong infrastructure partnerships are key for the NHS Deep Cleaning and Advisory Service to continue supporting the wider community throughout the pandemic and beyond.”

Kevin Gray, CEO & Founder of Tutum Health, said:

“We are extremely proud and excited to be the exclusive infrastructure partner to the NHS Deep Cleaning and Advisory Service.

“The combined efforts of both teams help extend the NHS Ethos and standards of cleanliness into the wider community. Due to the pandemic, everyone is advised to follow guidelines, however our goal is to set standards that can be measured and maintained.

“Working together with the Service, Tutum Health’s infrastructure and expertise have allowed us to develop hospital-made products that are eco-friendly and safe to use in a live environment. Together with the decontamination professionals at the NHS Deep Cleaning and Advisory Service, we are developing technology to enhance all aspects of cleaning from products and protocol to deliver excellent cleaning standards and high-quality outcomes.”

For more information about the services provided by NHS Deep Cleaning and Advisory Service, please visit: deepcleaning.nhs.uk or contact the team on 0808 196 3103

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