NTH Solutions partnership with Reset Compliance Systems for vital support on project development

NTH Solutions joined Reset in January 2016. As a subsidiary of North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust with responsibility for all of its estates, facilities and support services as well as supplies services to organisations in the surrounding community, we had identified a need for enhanced control and visibility of contractors on-site during estates developments. It was hoped that Reset would meet that need. Five years on, and we have never looked back.

Serving almost half a million patients and with over 5000 staff across three sites, it was imperative that NTH Solutions remained compliant whilst increasing the number of contractors working on site during lockdown. This increased number was required to effectively manage a number of demanding and complicated projects during the pandemic without impacting negatively on patient care. By implementing Reset we were able to provide Infection Prevention Control and Patient Experience colleagues with additional reassurance whilst allowing the Trust to help more people than ever during the pandemic.

The use of Reset was fundamental in the development a new combined entrance and triaging system to the University Hospital of North Tees Urgent Care and Emergency Departments.  The project, which had to be completed within just 12 weeks without disrupting patient flow, was crucial in enabling the hospital to more efficiently accommodate the volume of patients coming through its doors.  Expanded capacity was required for the approaching winter period that was set to compound already increasing Covid pressures.

The development enabled all self-presenting patients to use a single entrance for urgent and emergency care services. This meant that patients could be triaged and placed onto the most appropriate care pathway and directed to the most appropriate services to meet their needs. Levi Buckley, North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust Chief Operating Officer, said:

“The new entrance and remodeled interiors will help the Trust manage the increase in emergency admissions we experience every winter. It will also play a vital role in tackling COVID-19 and in the longer-term it provides us with increased capacity to help patients.  I’d like to thank our staff and patients for putting up with the disruption as we carried out the works.”

As well as making life easier for patients, the newly remodeled service increased space within the department which is more crucial than ever in helping prevent and control the spread of infection. Despite its several major benefits, the project did require a lot of additional contractors to be on site. This was concerning for everyone, particularly the Trust’s Infection Prevention and Control and Patient Experience teams.  A robust mechanism for evidencing and demonstrating effective contractor competence and management was required in order to uphold a duty of care – this is how we came to select Reset as our preferred partner and tool for effective contractor management.

Steve Taylor, Head of Estates and Capital at NTH Solutions had the following to say about contractor management:

“Effective contractor management is fundamental to the success of any estates development. Whilst contractor safety and competence are inherent in every project we complete, the easy and convenient access to real time evidential data provided through the Reset platform provided everyone with that added peace of mind. The dependability of the system was a key factor in completing the project on time, which took place from September to December – an incredibly short timeframe.  It provided confidence that we remained compliant with regard to contractors and also accommodated the needs of our staff, patients and the general public.”

Based on its effective use throughout the project, Reset is now a permanent fixture in the NTH Solutions estate strategy.  We are able to more easily manage increases in contractor numbers across our sites at any time by implementing Reset Access Terminals. The terminals allow contractors and staff to scan their Reset card, or Virtual Reset Card, to log in, select where they are working and read and accept any risk assessments and method statements (RAMS).  They also provide their contact details and read any important announcements about working safely on site that day. Supervisors and Management have reassurance that if contractors are not competent to work on site, they will be ‘stopped at the gate’ and referred to Estates.

What’s more, when each contractor logs in, their credentials are instantly checked to ensure that they are competent to complete the task appointed to them.  They then log out to give accurate reports of when the work was carried out and where they were situated.

Reset helps NTH Solutions manage our estates strategy with more efficiency visibility too.  As well as using the system to monitor and manage contractors’ health and safety compliance and competences, it is also used as a means of validating costs. The Reset system provides a history report detailing when a contractor logs in and out of site, creating a time stamp that can be cross referenced against the invoice for verification.  This enables tighter control of budgets and use of resources – fundamental for any organisation managing public sector funding.  For all of these reasons, we could not be happier with Reset and we’d recommend their service to any other organisation concerned about contractor management.

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